Legendary Labradoodle dog wearing a purple striped shirt and an Australian Labradoodle dog wearing a blue striped shirt sitting side by side

Legendary Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodle Texas Breeder

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Australian Labradoodles for Sale in Texas
"The Original Doodle"

Legendary Labradoodles is a breeder of carefully chosen Australian Labradoodles with puppies that are for sale in Texas. This family owned business is committed to performing extensive health testing and temperament assessments on each female and male breeding Doodle before selecting them to produce our adorable puppies. We have a select number of litters each year, focusing individual attention to the development of each doodle puppy before it goes to its forever home. Whether you are looking to purchase your first Australian Labradoodle or your third, this will be a very exciting time for you and your family!

Our goal is to breed for the best doodle in
• temperament
• health
• beautiful non-shedding coats.

To achieve this, we carefully select our breeding dogs based on extensive health examinations and temperament assessments. Our breeding moms and studs have been carefully examined and tested by local veterinarians here in Texas to ensure they are free of eye, hip, and elbow problems, cardiac issues, genetic diseases and coat issues. Eye testing is ongoing for the entire time the dog is actively breeding.
Photo Right: Our reproductive veterinarian, Dr. Kirk Esmond
vet with puppy

Each and every breeding dog passes extensive health testing
to provide the best opportunity for healthy puppies.

"Want to hear a secret?
I think we are getting ready to go to our forever homes!"

Our Doodle puppies, along with our adult doodle dogs, spend their days playing in the yards, swimming pool, socializing with dogs and people, and growing up to be healthy, well cared for family companions. We specialize in medium size dogs, ranging from 20-40 pounds. Needless to say, the precious puppies we raise are part of our family . . . until they go home to yours!

puppies in stripped shirts

Our breeding Australian Labradoodle dogs live in our home as our family pets
or in Guardian Homes as a valued family member.

Welcome to the world of a Legendary Labradoodle.

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Gold Paw Member
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People are talking about us . . .

“We are so thankful for the educated and careful breeding practices of Legendary Labradoodle. Not only do we have an adorable, healthy, hypoallergenic and non-shedding family companion, but Legendary Labradoodles goes to great lengths to assure the temperament of the puppy will thrive in your home environment.”

Robin Massion Schulz

“After extensive research and calling many breeders in the state of Texas, it became apparent to our family that Legendary Labradoodles held the highest standards in their breeding practices out of anyone we interviewed. They are truly producing the best pups in temperament, coat, and health not to mention hands down the cutest faces and body shape.”

Missy Olin Smith

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